We live in extraordinary times. For quite a long time we were talking about the extreme speed of innovation in the world, but in fact, it was just a beginning. Thanks to the exponential growth in many sectors, we’re now starting to see the unprecedented acceleration before our very eyes, when miracles are becoming part of our daily lives.

And we realize, it comes with some pretty big risks.

My current agenda is called Future of YOU+. Because I want us – humans – to be in that future. I don’t want to stop the progress, that’s not even possible. Instead, I want to use it for us to be able exponentially (but safely!) grow ourselves. It is about enhancing our minds and bodies and protecting and improving our environment.

My current roles

Father – I’m sharing the parental leave with my wife, which was the best decision ever. Kids are growing up so fast and I really don’t want to miss that.

Visionary – that’s what Future of YOU+ is all about. I live in the future most of the time.

Product Manager – that’s the role I’m used to the most, even when it’s hidden under another label like entrepreneur/intrapreneur/leader. Currently, I’m working on IBM Smarter University in this regard.

System Leader (read here) – since 2016 I’m a coordinator of the Alliance for YOUth in the Czech Republic. So I’m learning what it means to collaborate on a systemic level among a lot of organizations and achieve a collective impact. And I also design new products and services to help young people find themselves in the world of work.

Career Counsellor – because of these projects, I’m usually in direct contact with students and I try to help them with their careers.

Speaker – I share what I know at conferences, in schools, and companies. The usual topics are product development (usually Lean Startup), collaboration among organizations and career development.

Lecturer – if you’re interested more in product development, business modelling (Lean Canvas) or doing business experiments, I’d be happy to help you and your teams.

Who are you?

Send me an e-mail to jan@vese.ly and let’s talk!