We live in extraordinary times. For quite a long time we were talking about the extreme speed of innovation in the world, but it was just a beginning. Thanks to the exponential growth in many sectors, we’re now starting to see the unprecedented acceleration before our very eyes, when miracles are becoming part of our daily lives.

I believe that a fundamental change of our civilization is coming in this very century and all of us will be impacted by it. A lot of people are warning us about really big risks ahead. And few others are talking about great times of abundance. It’s on us if we create a dystopia or something like the next renaissance.

My agenda is called Future of YOU+, because I want us – humans – to be thriving in that future. It is about enhancing our minds, bodies and souls, making our society more collaborative and protecting and improving our environment.

My current roles

Father – I’m sharing the parental leave with my wife, which was the best decision ever. Kids are growing up so fast and I really don’t want to miss that.

System Leader (read here) – since 2016 I’m a coordinator of the Alliance for YOUth in the Czech Republic. So I’m learning what it means to collaborate on a systemic level among a lot of organizations and achieve a collective impact. And I also design new products and services to help young people find themselves in the world of work.

Visionary – that’s what Future of YOU+ is all about. I live in the future most of the time.

Product Manager – that’s the role I’m used to the most, even when it’s hidden under another label like entrepreneur/intrapreneur/leader. Currently, I’m working on IBM Smarter University in this regard.

Career Counsellor – because of these projects, I’m usually in direct contact with students and I try to help them with their careers.

Speaker – I share what I know at conferences, in schools, and companies. The usual topics are product development (usually Lean Startup), collaboration among organizations and career development.

Lecturer – if you’re interested more in product development, business modelling (Lean Canvas) or doing business experiments, I’d be happy to help you and your teams.

Who are you?

Send me an e-mail to jan@vese.ly and let’s talk!