Innovation Labs

I am working on changing the Czech Republic from the home of assembly lines to the innovation hub of Europe. One accelerator program at a time. Or two. Or three 😉

I am usually the author of the methodology behind it, speaker and facilitator of the startup workshops.

Innovation Laboratory

Years: 2018 – *
Partner: Charles UniversityCampus Hybernská
Website: [CZ]

Innovation Laboratory is a practical project seminar designed for the students of the Charles University. The main goal is to experience what it actually means to bring some new product to the market and if that is the right career choice for the student. And to build some great things along the way.

Vodafone Foundation Laboratory


Years: 2013 – 2016
Partners: Impact Hub Prague
Website: [CZ]

A half-year program aimed at supporting innovative socially beneficial projects. The output is to reduce the risk of subsequent grant support through the innovation accounting and customer development process towards successful product/market fit. The three selected projects, BlindShell, Včelka and Rekola, also took part in the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco in September 2014.

Social Impact Award – Summer Accelerator Program

Years: 2014 – 2016
Partner: Impact Hub Prague
Website: [CZ]

Program for the winners of the Impact Hub’s competition for young social innovators. It was an incredible opportunity to meet the rising stars like Czechitas, Ke kořenům or Rekola.

Struct Innovation Lab

Year: 2014
Partner: Struct s.r.o.

Private accelerator program designed to help people around me to start their own businesses.

eClub Summer 2013


Year: 2013
Partners: Czech Technical University in Prague
Website: Entrepreneurs Club [CZ]

Startup Workshops series for the Entrepreneurs Club at ČVUT.

Recordings of the Startup Workshops [CZ]

WebExpo Startup Camp

Year: 2012
Partners: WebExpo, Inovacentrum ČVUT, Czech Startups, Jan Všianský
Report: Tři projekty, které zrodil WebExpo Startup Camp [CZ]

10 days full of workshops: 3 teams, 3 real projects, 3 investors and 11 mentors.

Web application development course (4IT445)


Years: 2012 – 2013
Partners: University of Economics, Prague
Website: [CZ]

Full-featured web development course with strong agile and lean startup focus. 5 teams, 5 tested prototypes, 5 websites on production. The proof, that it can be done and that students are capable of amazing results if it makes sense.