We live in extraordinary times. For quite a long time we were talking about the extreme speed of innovation in the world, but it was just a beginning. Thanks to the exponential growth in many sectors, we’re now starting to see the unprecedented acceleration before our very eyes, when miracles are becoming part of our daily lives.

Especially when I see the advances in healthcare, I believe most of us will still be here in 2100. And probably even in a better shape than today.

See you there?

But that future is not granted. Quite contrary, a lot of people are warning us about really big risks ahead. And few others are talking about great times of abundance. From my perspective, the abundance is an opportunity as well as a threat.

The abundance of food leads to obesity, the abundance of stuff to the oceans full of plastics, the abundance of information to fake news, information overload and even the flat-earthers. We are not capable of handling the world of abundance. Yet.

I want us – humans – to be thriving in the future. The best path I discovered so far leads through supporting people to become changemakers, active problem-solvers who care, innovators who think in much broader contexts, who collaborate and also support each other.

That is my commitment.

PS: Plus I really want to see your faces in 2100, when I tell you: “See? I told you!” 😉